After a year of discussions, in the Winter of 2020 my husband I decided we were ready to bring a new dog into our family. We hadn’t had a dog in our home for 10 years. We knew raising toddlers and puppies at the same time wasn’t the right choice for us.

The visit to our first dog’s breeder was the last time we left our house before the world shut down for nearly 2 months. Hazel came home to our family in July of 2020.

If we are “friends” on social media, you know I regularly post photos with the title “we are never getting a dog”. It’s no surprise to anyone that Hazel and my husband are BFFs. When I suggested that it was time to bring a second dog home my husband was adamant that one dog was enough.

Friends, meet Juniper!

She climbed into my husbands arms and a week later came home to live with us. I wish I had recorded the audio of him in the background while I took these photos. He ooh’ed, ahh’ed, and told her what a good girl she was. Not to mention the facd that he was hovering behind me like so many new parents do at newborn sessions.

Are you ready for “we are never getting a dog” part deux?

The puppy phase is not my favourite. Having 3 kids who are all old enough to help, makes it much less exhausting. There’s also nothing more joyful than watching teenagers frolic and romp with a puppy and dog. Now that my kids are well past the “race to the door and yell mommy” when I arrive home, I appreciate the enthusiastic greetings I receive from our four legged family members.

Here’s to more lots more forest adventures, long walks, and exploring the great outdoors with our four legged crew.

Ottawa Dog Photographer – Meet Juniper

Ottawa Dog Photographer - Meet Juniper