A 3 Month Old Baby Milestone Session in my Ottawa photography studio | When you think of how many cell phone snapshots you take of your child on a daily basis, it’s fascinating to think that this may be the first generation to grow up without photographs of themselves.  While we take dozens of cell phone photos on a daily basis, these images don’t end up printed in photo albums or hung on our walls.  

Sessions for babies and toddlers are all about celebrating your little one’s milestones (smiles, sitting, crawling, clapping, standing), changing personality, and creating print-worthy memories of their first few years. We offer developmentally appropriate sessions throughout the year so families have photographs for the walls of their home, for memory books, and to share with family members and friends.

As a mom of three, I know how hard it is to capture photos of your little ones. They’re fast, you’re busy, and it becomes one more thing on your growing to do list. During the session planning process we help you choose outfits, backdrops, and activities for your session that will help your baby to feel safe and comfortable at the studio. While at the same time setting the stage for us to take adorable photos.   

From neutral colours and organic textures, to backdrops in all colours of the rainbow, the studio offers a variety of sets, child size props, and classic accessories for baby and toddler sessions.  After 12 years in business, I have seen hundreds of trends come and go: our studio collection includes backdrops, props, and accessories that will stand the test of time so your photos can be displayed for years to come. Whether your baby is 3 months or 3 years old, their milestone session will result in beautiful photos.