The challenge with Ottawa weather: “What do we do if there’s bad weather on the day of our session?”

In Ottawa, we have to think about this question carefully. What exactly is “bad” weather when it comes to photos?

Here are some of the reasons we postpone outdoor sessions:

-when it’s -15 or colder

-if there is an “extreme weather warning” in Ottawa challenging us

-when the temperature is above 35 degrees or there’s a heat advisory

-when there are wind gusts

-if it’s pouring rain

-when there is lightning 

Of course because it’s Ottawa, for 95% of our outdoor sessions we pre-schedule a back-up date because there’s a good chance Mother Nature will try to thwart our session plans.

The challenges with Ottawa weather are many. But the beauty the outdoors gifts us for sessions is worth a bit of extra planning. By putting aside one extra date in our calendars we all know exactly when we will be meeting if Mother Nature thwarts us on our original session date. Typically the only times we don’t have a backup date planned weeks in advance is in January and February. At that time of year if there is a Winter storm or a deep freeze they can last longer than just a day or two so we choose a backup date once we know when the storms will pass.