Safety at newborn photo sessions is front of my mind when planning poses. When a client says, “I really want a pose like this one of my older child(ren) with the new baby!”…

….I don’t always say yes.


-the pose has to be safe for the baby and child because safety is what’s most important at newborn photo sessions

-the older sibling has to be developmentally capable of the pose (e.g., remaining still, following instructions)

-the older sibling has to be comfortable with the pose

Some kids aren’t interested in being really close to their new sibling while others want to hug the baby with a whole lot of enthusiasm. My goal during the sibling portion of the session is to ensure that at all times the baby is safe AND that at all times the sibling feels safe, which is why not every pose is possible.

There are many beautiful and wonderful ways to photograph a newborn baby with their sibling(s).The poses chosen not only depend on the parents’ preferences but also what can be done safely for each sibling set. Poses that ensure newborn babies’ safety include:

  • posing baby in a prop next to a toddler
  • laying baby next to a sibling rather than having them hold the baby
  • photographing siblings together while a parent holds the baby