Planning my Ottawa maternity photo sessions is not just a job for myself, the photographer. The planning process is actually a team effort that includes myself, my session coordinator, and my clients.

Some clients have a clear vision of what they want for their photos. And other clients tell us they have no idea what they’d like, just that they want beautiful maternity photos. Either approach is totally fine! We are here to guide parents-to-be through the planning and ensure we capture just the right photos for them.

For their session, mom had several specific types of photos in mind that she told us about through the questionnaire we send all of our clients. She included in her questionnaire screenshots of photos from my galleries that she loved. And she also included a list of her most important photos so that we could make sure to include them. She wanted to include a photo of herself in profile as well as a laying down pose and cuddly partner photos. Because mom also wanted to borrow items from my Ottawa maternity photographer gown and fabric collection we asked her to send us a list of her favourites as well as a photo of herself.

Session planning in Ottawa as a maternity photographer

With all the information the couple sent us, my session coordinator and I were able to chat and come up with a session workflow for their session. We were excited to come up with a plan that included all of her most important photos. Our plan included:

  • candid, couple photos of them in my white room set
  • a laying down pose of the gorgeous mom-to-be in my white lace gown
  • a beautiful photo of mom with flowing pink fabric behind her
  • stunning and dramatic silhouettes of the couple together and of mom on her own

Once we had created a session workflow for the couple we confirmed with them that everything was ready for their session with me, their Ottawa maternity photographer.