Trying on Maternity Gowns | Can I try on gowns before my session?

The studio currently has a collection of over 35 dresses. As well as 10 pieces of fabric for clients to use for their Ottawa maternity photo sessions.  The dresses range in size from small to 2X. The fabrics can be styled in multiple ways and used by clients who range in size from XS to 4X.

There is no additional fee for clients to use items from the studio wardrobe. The majority of the dresses can be used both in studio and outdoors.  There are certain times of year where gowns cannot be used outdoors because of the difficulty we have in cleaning the thick mud off the dresses.  Some of the fabric of the longer gowns is more delicate, which means they can only be worn on dry ground or ground where the dress won’t snag.

When clients book their session, they provide us with their current dress size as well as a full length photo so that we can help them choose from the different options available in the studio wardrobe.

Can I try on Maternity Gowns before my session?

Dresses are not available for clients to try on before sessions.  This is to prevent damage to the gowns from makeup and hair care products. This also prevents wear and tear on gowns as fabric is stretched when they are put on and taken off.  The gowns are made of material that is intended to fit a range of sizes. In cases where a dress is too big, we can use clamps to secure the fabric at the back of the dress.  As the gowns are custom made in the USA by a maternity gown manufacturer, they are not easy to replace. The fees and import costs make it challenging for us to replace the gowns on a regular basis.