Are your kids movers & shakers? | As an Ottawa family photographer so many of my clients have asked: “What if our kids don’t like to stay still?”

I haven’t met many kids who do but there are a few important things to keep in mind if you parent movers and shakers.

Let us know ahead of time:

-What is your child’s natural preference for movement? For example, do they have lower muscle tone and have trouble standing or sitting for long periods? Do they prefer to be in constant motion? Having this information will help us choose the best session location and duration for your kids.

-Are your kids movers and shakers? If your children struggle with staying close to their parents and prefer to wander. This will help us choose the best session location as some aren’t safe for kids who elope or run.  

-What types of photos you want from your session.  This helps us set the expectation of what is and isn’t possible given your children’s ages, developmental stages and unique personalities. Twelve years, 6000 sessions, and 4000 families means we have a pretty good sense of how sessions will unfold.

-If movement helps calm your child or gets them excited. Knowing this will help us know during the session whether we need to use movement to help everyone settle down. Or, if we should use stillness and a calm voice to keep everyone at ease. 

Sessions with kids can be successful when we meet kids where they are at and plan our sessions around their unique personalities and needs. If your kids are movers and shakers, just let us know ahead of time. We will create just the right session experience for them.