A photographer? What a cool job! When people are fascinated by what I do I suspect they have visions of the life of a fashion or editorial photographer in New York City.

Because I’m pretty sure they aren’t thinking about the newborn poop all over my shirt or the permanently dirt stained clothes from laying on the ground, the weird rashes from the prickly plants I always seem to find, a schedule that relies both on the reliability of babies being born near their due dates AND the weather?

There is very little glamour involved in working as a family photographer and you might be surprised about what I love the most about my work.  Being able to create artistic photographs, design sets, and submit images to competitions is professionally fulfilling but it’s the smallest, seemingly inconsequential daily acts I love the most. 

What makes being a photographer a cool job?

The funny thing is that I don’t remember the 25 hours I spend each week working on editing, marketing, bookkeeping and answering emails.  What I remember, and what I’ll tell you about, are my favourite moments that happen during sessions:

  1. Being handed limp weed bouquets by very proud toddlers and preschoolers
  2. Watching newborns’ facial expressions while they sleep
  3. Seeing how the colours of the sunsets change as the seasons do 
  4. When babies laugh so hard they show off their brand new teeth
  5. Getting to (badly) sing nursery rhymes and other songs
  6. Making up stories about dragons, dinosaurs, and fairies
  7. Watching kids and teens laugh until they cry
  8. Seeing parents’ eyes well up while I’m photographing their kids and babies
  9. Having toddlers and kids excitedly run up to greet me
  10. The look of relief in a parent’s eyes when I say “don’t worry, I’ve got this”

I cherish these moments as much as I do the sessions I photograph and the beautiful photographs I take.  To me, they are what makes being a photographer a cool job.

I am an only child, as is my husband. Neither of us grew up around cousins or large extended families.  My work as a family photographer?  It lets me be a part of your family, even just for 15 minutes, and for that, I am eternally grateful.