One month old babies are definitely not too “old” for newborn photo sessions!

Although newborn sessions typically take place in the first 1-3 weeks, photos can still happen when they are older. We always prepare clients for what to expect at sessions with “older” newborns. As the weeks pass, babies change and grow in ways that makes the session different. The longer babies are out of the womb, they less tightly their curl into poses. They also start letting their preferences be known (e.g., no swaddling, dislike being naked, prefer to lay on their sides, etc.).

This little one month old baby was only sleepy when she was wrapped for her photo session. So once she was un-swaddled for photos we focused on poses where she was alert and content. But I still covered her as being naked definitely wasn’t her favourite part of the session.

Most often we have pre-booked newborn sessions during pregnancy and schedule sessions within the first few weeks after birth. There are many reasons families come in for their newborn baby photo session a bit later though, including at one month old. Sometimes clients don’t realize just how quickly their baby will change. Once their baby has arrived and they’re watching their baby change and grow faster than they could have ever imagined they decide they want to capture all of their newness as soon as possible. Other times, babies need to stay in the hospital longer than usual so we’re not able to have them come into the studio within the first 1-3 weeks.

Booking a baby session for a one month old

One month old babies or even two month old babies are not too “old for newborn photo sessions. Their photos are beautiful and special, no matter their ages!

If you feel like you missed the window of time for newborn photos, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to share all the details for newborn sessions with babies who are 3 to 8 weeks old.