“When is the best time to schedule my Ottawa maternity session?”

We recommend that you contact us when you are in your second trimester. That gives us lots of time to plan for your session. We suggest for maternity sessions to take place between 30 and 34 weeks.

That being said, how you feel is also a factor in planning your session.  

-If there are medical complications or you have been unwell for your pregnancy, we suggest booking your session earlier.

-We recommend booking your session between 25 and 29 weeks if you are carrying multiples.

-If you feel more comfortable and able to move around earlier in your pregnancy, we can schedule your session for later in your second trimester.

Scheduling and planning your Ottawa maternity session

Booking your maternity session in the second trimester means you have lots of time to think about what you’d like for your photos. Perhaps you’d like to browse over previous sessions. Or maybe you have questions about different gowns or types of images. We’re also happy to help you find just the right outfits for your whole family. Contacting us when you are in your second trimester means we can take care of all of the planning with no rush.

While we suggest contacting us in the second trimester to schedule your Ottawa maternity session we hear from parents-to-be later than that. Sometimes we hear from parents-to-be who are already in their third trimester. They contact us when they realize just how important it is to them to have beautiful photos from their pregnancy. While I can’t always make space for a later booked appointment we always do our very best. Pregnancy is such a special time and the memories we make together are treasured forever.

If you’re not sure when the best time to schedule your session is, feel free to send us an email.