The evergreens make a beautiful setting for family photo sessions all year round. In November the tones of most outdoor backdrops are more neutral. But the evergreens give us another, more colourful option for family photos. The evergreens were such a wonderful option this season that I’ve already added them as a session for this year.

Evergreens not only make a wonderful setting for family photo sessions they’re also popular with clients looking for outdoor holiday photos. They’re ideal sessions for holiday cards for clients who like more of a subtle holiday theme or look to their photos. I’ve received holiday photo cards from clients using their Evergreen Session photos and they looked amazing. What a wonderful idea for holiday cards!

For many of my clients, the Evergreen Sessions lined up at the perfect time for their photos. In front of the beautiful, green trees we captured first birthday photos and also families’ traditional late Fall photos. I love that I have so many clients that love to get outdoors for photos throughout the year. The warm weather might come to an end every season but the gorgeous backdrops keep coming all year long.

On the day of our evergreen family photo sessions

For our family photo sessions with the evergreens, we had a beautiful, sunny late November day. The air was crisp but with a bit of planning and lots of movement everyone was feeling happy and warm. Sessions at this time of year are kept on the shorter side so that nobody gets too cold. For the colder months, we also share lots of outfit and preparation tips with our clients. Some extra planning helps ensure everyone is prepared but also photo ready on the day of their session.

In between posed photos we included lots of movement and activity. This not only kept everyone warm but it also resulted in capturing some incredibly fun, candid moments. Family photo sessions with the evergreens were so much fun. I can’t wait until next December when I offer them again!