A playful and cuddly studio session was the perfect way to capture updated family and baby photos for this family of three. A studio session doesn’t have to be formal and rigid! The possibilities for studio sessions are limitless and can definitely include candid, fun photos. I love that my studio offers families a comfortable and beautiful setting for their photos all year long.

The studio was the ideal setting for this lovely family’s playful and cuddly session. They wanted a session that would capture their relationship together and their growing little one. Sessions can always include posed images but with babies and young children, planning for candid moments is a great idea! I always follow the lead of babies and am ready to adapt, however they’re feeling on the day of their session. The best part about keeping sessions fun and flexible is how we can capture genuine connections between family members.

Her playful and cuddly studio session

Baby A was eight months old on the day of their playful and cuddly studio session. Eight months of age is a wonderful milestone to capture! At this age I like to photograph some of the physical milestones babies have recently mastered. It really varies but this can include baby sitting up on their own or rocking and crawling on all fours. This sweet baby girl was happy to sit up and play with mom and dad. She also loves walking between mom and dad which made for a wonderful activity to capture on camera. Miss A seemed so proud to show me how strong she has become at her playful and cuddly studio session.

Eight month olds also have a growing awareness of the world around them. At a session I can capture that development on camera in their curious looks and how they play with family or toys. Miss A did not miss a thing as I photographed her with her family. Even as she played and cuddled with mom and dad she would check to see what I was doing. Babies of this age are incredible to watch, they are constantly absorbing everything going on around them.

We had so much fun at this family’s playful and cuddly studio session. Miss A was an absolute joy to have in the studio!