A four month milestone session is a wonderful time for capturing all of the exciting changes and growth baby has made since birth. It’s a popular age parents choose for a milestone session and think it’s because there are typically a few new milestones we can capture on camera.

By this time, babies can typically hold their head up for a short period of time. They can maintain eye contact, and maybe even smile for a few photos. This means posed photos with baby looking at the camera (perhaps even smiling!) start to become possible. At a four month milestone session I like photographing babies either on their belly pushing up or laying on their back grabbing their toes. I also like to capture their curious eyes and show how much they have grown since birth.

We started Miss A’s four month milestone session with cuddles between mom and dad. A few quick photos with parents is a great way for babies to warm up to the camera. It’s also a lovely record of the changing relationship a baby has with their parents as they grow bigger.

Her October four month milestone session

Miss A’s fourth month milestone fell in October so of course we had to include pretty pumpkins and boo-tiful ghosts. Themed sets are such a fun way to mark the passing seasons and holidays as baby grows.

We started by placing Baby A on the floor for photos in front of the Halloween set for her four month milestone session. It was a great way to show off her adorable candy corn inspired outfit and also how she’s now able to raise her legs up in the air. It’s incredible much strong babies are with every passing month!

To support her in a seated position we placed her in a bed prop wearing the sweetest pumpkin hat and booties set. Her core strength had gotten so much stronger since I’d seen her last. Miss A seemed so proud to be sitting up for her photos!

Smiling is one of those exciting milestones that all parents would love to have captured at a fourth month milestone session. It’s unusual for a 4 month old baby to smile longer than a few brief moments but with a bit of added encouragement from mom and dad behind me we ended up capturing the sweetest smile for her four month milestone session.

I am having so much fun capturing this sweet baby girl’s first year and can’t wait to see her again next month!