Their outdoor Ottawa Fall photo sessions took place on the very last date for my 2022 Fall Colours family photo sessions. It was a mild October evening with plenty of colourful leaves both on the ground and still in the trees. What an ideal setting for these lovely families’ photo sessions!

It was a perfect mix of sessions that evening. Photos with a new puppy, a maternity session, first-time family sessions, and repeat clients back for updated photos. Our last day of outdoor Ottawa Fall photo sessions had a bit of every type of session, it was such a wonderful evening!

I offer themed and holiday sessions at different times of the year but for a lot of my clients an outdoor session is what they choose for birthday photos or for making holiday cards and gifts with. Outdoor sessions are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate milestones, holidays, and for updated family photos throughout the year. Outdoor Ottawa Fall Sessions are particularly popular not just for regular family and maternity sessions, but also for those families who gift photos to family at the holidays. Booking a Fall Session is great timing for if you’d like to make holiday cards and photo gifts!

Our evening of outdoor Ottawa Fall photo sessions

That evening we created many beautiful memories for these incredible families that they will love to share with their family and friends. Everyone was in a great mood and excited for photos with the pretty Fall leaves. As families posed for photos amongst the colourful leaves, we shared lots of jokes and conversation. Keeping sessions light and fun results in beautiful, natural expressions for my clients. But it also makes those family members who are a bit shy or hesitant excited to come back for future sessions. I have many clients who really enjoy how low stress and fun I make family sessions. Family photos should always be as much fun as we had on the evening of our final date of outdoor Ottawa Fall photo sessions!