My last weekend of Ottawa Fall photo sessions of the season wrapped up on a gorgeous October day. Many of my long-term clients were there as well as several new families I had the pleasure to meet. With lots of smiling faces, some furry four-legged friends, and incredible families it was an amazing way to finish off the Fall season.

Nature gave us this year one of the longest and most beautiful season of colourful leaves I can remember. Every day it seemed as if we were being treated to another new leaf colour! By mid-October at the time of these lovely family’s Ottawa Fall photo sessions not only were the trees colourful but also the ground. For their sessions I found a location that had a beautiful variety of trees with different colours. It also had great leaf cover on the ground. The location was perfect for both posing and playing amongst the leaves.

Mid-October Ottawa fall photo sessions

In Ottawa we don’t really get a lot of leaves on the ground until mid-October. For families that love playing in the leaves this makes a mid-October session ideal for them. It’s also perfect timing for families with a playful dog. There are not many things cuter than seeing a puppy chase after thrown leaves!

For several of the families visiting me for their Fall photos I have been taking their Fall photos for years. Ottawa Fall family photos is a popular tradition and it’s easy to understand why when you look at their photos. We’re really lucky to live in a such a colourful and beautiful city so choosing the Fall for your family photo tradition is a wonderful idea. Choosing the Fall for their session also meant that families were ready to create gorgeous holiday cards just in time for December. What a great way to share photos with family and friends!