I had such a wonderful in my Ottawa studio with this adorable baby girl for her newborn session. Baby N’s parents brought her into the studio for her first photos at only eleven days old. For her individual newborn photos, her parents chose to have a combination of image types. Photos on the posing cushion, in props, and stunning composite images combined to create a gorgeous collection of images.

We started baby girl’s Ottawa newborn photos at the posing cushion. Posing cushion newborn photos are taken with baby posed on an adjustable platform. This creates a wide variety of supportive positions for a newborn. This allows me to pose and position babies in ways that show off all of their adorable features. The flexibility of the posing cushion also means that no matter what baby’s physiology, I can find the most comfortable poses for each baby.

For Ottawa newborn baby girl’s photos on the posing cushion, her parents selected muted and pretty fabric colours as the backdrop. The light purples, pinks, and creams they chose looked fabulous on her. They also made a gorgeous backdrop for sleepy, curled up photos on the cushion. As she napped away on the cushion, I also took the opportunity to take close up photos of her delicate little features. I made sure to capture her tiny fingers, newly unfurled eyelashes and the adorable bow of her lip. Newborns change so quickly! Having a beautiful capture of all of their tiny, little details is something parents will always treasure.

Baby girl’s second set of Ottawa newborn portraits

For baby girl’s second set of portraits in my Ottawa studio, I had a selection of newborn sized props layered with muted and soft coloured fabrics. The fabrics not only made a cozy place for her to sleep but also created an elegant backdrop for her photos. She looked absolutely adorable swaddled in the tiny little bed and bowls for her prop photos.

While Baby N was nestled in one of my newborn props, I took a photo of her for one of her special composite images. A composite image is first made by taking a photo of baby in studio. The photo of baby is then combined with another image after the session through editing. The final photos look as if baby was photographed in incredibly unique ways. This can include photos where baby appears to be hanging from a wreath, on a beach, or in a nest. For Baby N’s composite images, her parents had selected two gorgeous digital backdrops. Her gallery is absolutely beautiful, and I love how her photos turned out. Welcome to the world baby girl!

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