Happy first birthday baby girl, you are so very much loved! Celebrating that love and all of the changes you’ve made in your first year with a photo session was a wonderful idea. I met Baby A at her newborn session and couldn’t believe it was already time for her first birthday session. Check out her newborn photos here! As a newborn she was incredibly alert and 12 months later she is just as bright-eyed and curious as the day I met her.

For her first birthday session, we started with updated family photos with the happy baby girl against the light grey backdrop. Mom had selected a beautiful colour palette for their outfits and the neutral tone of the grey was ideal for it. Just as we had done for her newborn session, Baby A posed for photos with all of her family members. It’s incredible to see the differences in the changing relationship between Baby A and her brothers. They have been wonderful with their baby sister from the start. And now that she’s moving onto toddler stage, the boys are her first friends and playmates. What a lucky little girl to have two older brothers to watch out for her and to play with!

The happy baby girl’s first birthday photos

For this happy baby girl’s first birthday session, her parents also selected a special birthday backdrop for her. The playful and bright blossoms backdrop was a beautiful choice to pair with her pink party dress. For her solo portraits, her bright eyes once again shone for the camera as she watched us play from behind the camera.

Incorporating baby’s first favourite toys or books is a really fun idea for a first birthday session. What babies like to do and play with changes so quickly. Capturing photos with their favourites is a beautiful memento to have as they grow up. Reading books and playing with toys is also a sure way to keep baby interested in photos. Baby A absolutely loved flipping through her books during her session and we captured adorable candid photos of her. Happy first birthday baby girl! I loved being a part of your special day.