Her Ottawa second birthday photo session was so much fun! Celebrating her birthday with a studio photo session was just as much fun as it was when her brother turned two. A birthday session every year for updated photos is a popular tradition amongst my clients. It’s a great way to mark the milestone and ensure you have beautiful photos from throughout your children’s childhood.

For her second birthday, her parents wanted to bring along two special props to my Ottawa studio for her photo session. They brought with them a white rocking chair and sparkly number two that her brother had used at his own second birthday session. Check out his photos here!

At her Ottawa second birthday photo session

Because she arrived in a beautiful sparkly dress, we started her photos on the confetti backdrop. This new backdrop of mine has a celebratory feel and is ideal for birthday photos and adding in some balloons. Miss E agreed that balloons were a wonderful idea and did a great job posing for birthday portraits amongst them.

Once Miss E had her photos taken in front of the sparkly confetti backdrop she headed off to change into a more casual outfit. For her second set of photos at her Ottawa second birthday session her parents had chosen my grey sweep backdrop. It works well with all styles of outfits and was a backdrop her brother had also used which was a special perk. I love how their second birthday session had things in common but were overall very unique to themselves!

Once changed into her casual outfit, we pulled out her family’s rocking chair and their sparkly number two. Toddler always seem to love sitting in chairs. For first, second, and third birthdays they’re an ideal prop to include in a session. Miss E loved rocking in her chair as I snapped away with my camera. She was so much fun to have in the studio and I’m thrilled I was able to help capture her special birthday milestone.