It has been a joy to help his family capture his first year from newborn to one year old. He has changed so much from the time of his newborn session. He still has the same adorable, cherubic face that he had at six days old. But not only has he grown so much, and his hair turned lighter, but he’s also very much on the move and full of charm.

A first birthday session can be pretty much anything! Timeless portraits, a cake smash, an outdoor family session and more are all wonderful choices to mark the milestone. For many of my clients, recreating a special photo from baby’s newborn session is a must do for a first birthday. Sometimes that means incorporating a newborn fabric or prop into birthday photos. And sometimes we pose a family in the same position for an updated family photo. For Baby C’s first birthday, his mothers knew they wanted to recreate a photo using his mom’s firefighting gear. Check out his newborn session photos using her firefighting gear here!

His recreated newborn photo at one year old

Before recreating his newborn photos, we started with photos of Mr. C in my white room set with a new chair prop. Toddlers never fail to love my little chairs and benches. This new chair was perfect for exciting him about photos!

After Baby C was entertained with my repertoire of toddler jokes while I took his portraits, we brought out his mother’s firefighting gear. We set up the helmet and jacket in a similar way as we did for his newborn photos. Because Mr. C is a busy toddler, we placed the gear in a slightly different way so that we could sit him on it. Photographing toddlers involves a lot of action so we knew we needed a pose that would allow us to repeatedly place him in position.

We have future birthday photos using the same gear planned and I can’t wait to see him again. As he gets older, the best poses for his age and personality could definitely change again. I’m excited to see Mr. C next year with his mother’s firefighting gear and to see what special recreations we can make to celebrate being two!