Newborn sessions with older babies are often different than a session in the first few weeks after birth. While there typically are some differences, the photos are of course still beautiful. They are also a wonderful way to remember the early days after baby arrives. Newborn sessions are usually pre-booked during pregnancy. All of the planning is taken care of before baby’s birth but without a date chosen for the session. This means that once baby is born, we’re able to schedule a family in for their session within the typical time frame for a newborn session whether baby arrives early or late.

For other families, we may book them in after baby arrives if they hadn’t realized they wanted a newborn session. Other times, there are delays in a parent or baby being released from the hospital after birth. Whatever the reason for waiting beyond the first few weeks, I always do my best to make space for these older newborns.

How the newborn sessions of older babies are different

Most babies that are beyond the first few weeks after birth are less sleepy or sleep less deeply. This means that often there are more photos taken when they’re awake than asleep. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as wide-eyed, awake newborn photos are absolutely amazing to have! We just need to make particularly sure that baby is well fed so we can keep them happy for photos.

With older babies being less likely to sleep deeply at their newborn session they are more often photographed wrapped in swaddling fabrics than naked. Older babies will often be upset when they’re awake and undressed. By swaddling them, they become calm allowing me to sweetly pose them in props or on the posing cushion.

The longer baby has been out of the womb the less flexible they are and curled up. The poses are usually different for older babies at newborn sessions. I always choose poses that are safe and that baby finds comfortable. With older newborns it’s often poses that have them on their backs or sides and curly poses that are looser. These poses allow me to create gorgeous and adorable photos of baby in a way that suits their physiology at their current age.

No matter what the age of baby, I love that I am always able to create a gorgeous gallery of images for their parents.

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