This adorable little one’s posing cushion newborn session was absolutely precious. The posing cushion was ideal for capturing all of his features and tiny little details. After meeting his parents at their maternity session I was excited to meet their baby boy. Check out their stunning maternity photos here.

For their first baby’s newborn session, the couple opted for photos of him on the posing cushion. The posing cushion is a piece of newborn photography equipment that I use just for my tiniest clients. It is like a small table covered with a variety of different posing cushions. The cushions are moveable so that I can place them in just the right way for each pose. I cover the cushions with layers of fabric to make it a comfortable place for baby to lay on. I then place on the very top, fabrics in the colours the parents have selected for their photos.

Just the right look for his posing cushion newborn session

For this little guy’s posing cushion newborn session, his parents chose light blue, brown, and grey fabrics. As a part of posing cushion photos, I use adorable newborn sized hats, headbands, textured fabric layers, and even meaningful props. This little one’s parents preferred an understated look for his photos. For this reason, I incorporated only minimal fabric accessories into his session.

In addition to fabrics and accessories, it is the poses that also add variety to the posing cushion newborn photos. Using my different little newborn posing cushions, I am able to pose babies in many different ways. Posing babies in different positions allows me to create a variety of sweet photos of baby. Propping and posing in different ways also allows me to show off all of baby’s different features. Even slight adjustments to how baby is curled up can create new gorgeous images.

This little one’s posing cushion newborn session resulted in a beautiful gallery of images for his parents. He is absolutely perfect and I love how his photos turned out.

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