I was so excited to meet this newborn baby boy from Ottawa. I had met his lovely mom at her maternity session not too long before his newborn photos. Check out her stunning maternity photos from the Arboretum here!

I knew his arrival was very eagerly anticipated and couldn’t wait for his mom and dad to be holding him in their arms soon. Two weeks after their baby boy joined their family, they brought him into my Ottawa studio for his newborn photos. As I prepared him for his photos, I couldn’t help but notice what a sweet little face he had and such great hair that almost looked as if it was styled. It’s always incredible seeing babies so soon after they’re born, they always look so unique (and adorable!).

Posing the baby boy for his Ottawa newborn photos

His photos were taken on my posing cushion with a colour palette selected by his parents before he was born. They chose a simple and natural style with light blue and neutral fabrics. As accent colours they selected green, blue, and white. These colours became incorporated into his photos with a variety of textured fabrics. The colours all looked beautiful together and as a backdrop for their newborn baby boy’s Ottawa studio portraits.

Part of a newborn session is spent finding just the right positions and poses for baby. All babies have different physiologies and preferences so not everything can be planned ahead of time. As I soothed this little one to sleep, I was able to see which way he was most comfortable. Some babies prefer being on their bellies, some on their sides, and some babies even prefer laying on one side over the other. For this little boy, he was comfy on his front while sleeping but once he woke up, he seemed happiest laying on his side. He gave my camera the widest-eyed looks as I posed and photographed him. He seemed curious about what I was doing but calm about watching everything unfold.

It was lovely to have this baby boy in my Ottawa studio for his newborn photos. Congratulations to his mom and dad on his arrival, he is such a cutie!

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