For his Ottawa cake smash this birthday boy was lucky enough to share the experience with his brothers. How fun is that?!

A year has just flown right by since Baby K was born. I can’t hardly believe it has been a full year since his proud big brothers introduced me to him at his newborn session. Check out their first photos together here!

A first birthday is a wonderful occasion for a photography session. A first birthday session can absolutely be an Ottawa cake smash with brothers but the possibilities are endless! Photos of baby alone, a splashy birthday bath, an outdoor family session, or even a painting session. There are no rules for first birthday sessions except that they should always be fun!

For Baby K’s Ottawa cake smash, we started his session with photos with his two big brothers. Mr. K might have grown a lot since his newborn session but his brothers were still able to make space on their laps for him. Sitting with his brothers to start also gave Baby K reassurance. New experiences can make babies a bit nervous so helpful older siblings are always more than welcome at first birthday sessions. You can tell that he already looks up to his brothers a lot and was great about posing for photos with them.

After warming up to the experience Baby K flashed me the most adorable toothy grins for his birthday portraits. His entire face lights up when he smiles so we were all thrilled that he shared his smile with the camera.

His Ottawa cake smash shared with brothers

For his Ottawa cake smash with his brothers, his mom had brought the most delicious looking cake. The beautifully decorated cake with whipped buttercream icing had all of us feeling a bit peckish. We gave Mr. K the cake all to himself to start to capture on camera what he would do with it. All babies react differently when given their cake so we eagerly watched to see what would happen.

At first he was more curious than eager to dive right in but once he’d had a taste of the sweet and creamy icing his expression changed to joy. He loved his cake and did an excellent job of tasting and “smashing” it.

Once Baby K had a chance to taste his cake, his brothers were keen to help him out with eating it. The three of them dove right in and did such a great job “smashing” the cake and enjoying it together. I haven’t seen that much excitement for a cake in a while, there was even icing in the boys’ hair!

What an amazing first birthday session and a great way to celebrate turning one!