A newborn session with a toddler older sibling always results in the sweetest photos!

Newborn sessions can be for just baby, just for family photos, or they can be a mix. I offer sessions that meet the needs of all different families. From a 30-minute session for just a few stunning photos of baby to a 90-minute session with a wide variety of poses, photos, and set-ups. For this adorable pair, we planned a combination of different photos. Photos of the proud big brother with his sister to start and then photos of the family’s newest addition on the posing cushion.

When there are photos with a toddler sibling at a newborn session I make the experience fast and fun. I’m well aware the window for focused attention can be short so I like to take best advantage of it. A toddler’s fast pace means I only have a few short minutes to take those incredibly important sibling photos. This means I am always ready and prepared for fun and action when it comes to photos with a toddler.

The adorable big brother was full of excitement on the day of his sister’s newborn session. Being a busy little one we turned his photos into a game to keep it fun for him. I had him laughing and smiling as I played behind the camera. This created the sweetest first sibling photos of the two together. As soon as their photos of newborn and toddler sibling were finished, he was able to head out with dad to play.

Her newborn photos after photos with her toddler brother

For her newborn portraits, mom and dad chose photos ‘on the posing cushion’ for Baby I. Photos on the posing cushion are an adorable way to capture sleepy newborn photos and all of baby’s tiny little details.

Baby I was a dream to pose and photograph. She was a snuggly little one and happy to be soothed into poses in a variety of different positions. I loved posing her in ways that showed off her adorable and squishy cheeks and amazing back rolls.

The fabric colours her parents had chosen for her posing cushion photos were such a beautiful colour palette. Light cream, soft pink, and a fresh green worked beautifully together to create a gorgeous gallery. Her parents will have the most incredible wall art to display from their newborn and toddler photo session.

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