Ottawa professional headshot sessions are available in my fully equipped photography studio for professionals and business owners. I offer outdoor headshot sessions as well as studio sessions for my clients. Both settings have their advantages and I’m happy to offer both so every client can choose what’s best for them.

The studio makes an ideal setting for professionals who would like a uniform backdrop for their headshots. I keep a large selection of studio backdrops on hand so that everyone can use just the right one for them. Light neutral backdrops are popular with my clients for most of their headshot usages. But bright colours and even black has its place for some workplaces, industries, and image placements.

Professional headshots in my Ottawa studio

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting out, an up-to-date headshot is a must have. If it has been more than a couple of years since your last headshot it might be the right time for an update.

In our increasingly digital and remote work world headshots are used more than ever before.  These images are often the first (and sometimes the only!) glimpse of your face that a potential client, a current customer, or an employer that you’re interested in working for might see. 

Headshots are about amplifying your presence and connecting with others. 

When I photograph professional headshots in my Ottawa studio it’s important for me to understand my client’s goals for their photos. This allows me to create a gallery of images that is unique to their needs and represents who they are.  

Do you want to look friendly and approachable? Professional and capable? Creative? We help style your session, from the backdrops we use, to the clothes you wear, to the poses we incorporate into your session.  Together we will create professional headshots in my Ottawa studio that showcase what is most important to you