Newborn Baby P had the sweetest facial expressions! He was born weighing close to ten pounds and had the squishiest and most delightful cheeks to show for it.

For his newborn photos, his parents selected a posing cushion session. A posing cushion session is photographed entirely on a special platform layered with pillows and coloured fabrics. It’s ideal for capturing adorable photos of baby curled up in different positions. It is also ideal for showing off all of a baby’s tiny little details.

Although a posing cushion session can be kept simple, it’s also possible to include a variety of accessories, props, and coloured fabrics. This means that the possibilities are practically endless when styling a newborn session on the posing cushion. This little guy’s moms opted for an understated style which was ideal for keeping all of the focus on his sweetest newborn, facial expressions.

Capturing his sweet newborn facial expressions

When we began his session, Baby P was happy to snooze away on the soft, cream posing cushion. He was such a cuddly little boy and loved having hands on him as I nestled him into position for photos. With a more understated styled session, the variety of photos comes from the different poses. Different ways of laying baby on the posing cushion and supporting with little cushions creates a beautiful gallery of images. A variety of adorable and different poses also allows me to highlight baby’s different features. From their little facial profile to their tiny toes and fingers, and the adorable rolls on their back.

For this sweet little one’s newborn session, the variety in his photos also came from all of his different facial expressions. After a nap on the posing cushion Baby P woke up to check out what was going on around him. He treated my camera to the sweetest newborn facial expressions. This allowed me to capture his beautiful bright and curious eyes for incredibly adorable newborn portraits of Baby P.

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