This was not my first session together with this family, but it was our first studio newborn session together. After photographing their maternity session when pregnant with their first we had planned to hold his newborn session in 2020. Born at the beginning of the pandemic, his first photos with me were instead taken from afar as my last Front Porch Session of 2020.

Being back open for their second baby’s studio newborn session was especially exciting after missing out for their first baby. We were all over the moon that for her session we were able to go ahead as planned.

Big brother Mr. D was definitely excited to be back in the studio after a recent fun second birthday session. As far as he is concerned, studio sessions are for playing and games and this time he had a sweet baby sister to also show me. This of course led to even more excitement at our first studio newborn session as you can see on his face in their photos. For both their family photos and their sibling photos big brother was a superstar. He was very gentle and loving with his baby sister which was really impressive at only two years old. He is going to be such a great big brother!

Once everyone had been photographed with Baby G at our first studio newborn session, dad and big brother were finished. They headed out of the studio to go play and I turned my focus to the adorable Baby G.

Her photos at our first studio newborn session together

For her first photos, mom and dad chose to have them taken on the posing cushion and in props. As she slept away, I nestled her into her side and into position to capture all of her tiny little details. She loved the feeling of having her hands up by her face.

When I moved her to pose her in different newborn sized props I made sure to keep her hands by her face. Some babies really love to have their hands near their face as they sleep. Not only was she comfortable and happy that way but it also looked very sweet in her photos.

We had a wonderful time at our first studio newborn session together. I’m overjoyed that I was able to help capture these special memories for them and thrilled for their little girl to have arrived!

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