For her headshots, we met up by the Ottawa River on a gorgeous Summer evening. It was a lovely evening to be by the water and a wonderful setting for her headshots. Outdoor headshots are increasingly popular, and a natural backdrop is ideal for many of my professional clients.

In our increasingly digital and remote work world, headshots are used more than ever before. These photos are often the first glimpse of a person that a potential client or employer might see. A quality headshot can amplify one’s presence but also help a person connect with others. As we always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

Both studio and outdoor headshots, like these by the Ottawa River, are a great option for most individuals and for most industries. If considering both options, I suggest the outdoors for professionals who want a natural looking setting or want their photos to have an effortless look. It’s also a great choice for those who have a particular message they’d like to express where using the outdoors would help. In Ottawa, the outdoor headshot backdrops are plentiful including by the river, in the forest, or in front of a cityscape.

An up-to-date headshot is a must have for someone who has been in business for decades or just starting out. I photograph clients in different stages of their careers and businesses and have a session for every client’s needs. From a quick session by the Ottawa River for a few headshots to sessions that include multiple outfits and backdrops.

Her Ottawa River headshot session

For this lovely client, we decided on holding her headshots by the Ottawa River. The setting was a great fit for her. Her photos turned out beautifully and I love how much her personality radiates through her photos. I’m excited to see how she uses them and wish her all the best!