The best thing about the end of Summer for me has to be my Ottawa sunset family photos. Even though I’m always sad about the end of Summer drawing near, it means that the magical sunsets of late Summer are coming. I offer a wide variety of family sessions throughout the year, each with their own unique look. But there is nothing more unique than my Sunsets and Silhouettes Sessions. Rather than taking photos where all of the family members’ faces are lit up, for these I purposely shoot them in a way that darkens their bodies. All that we see in their family photos are their darkened silhouettes against a stunning sunset backdrop.

The sessions take place in the late Summer every year. The end of August treats us to brilliant sunsets and the sun starts to set earlier. While Ottawa’s evening skies are always beautiful, they have also never been the same for any of my sunset family photos. This means that the backdrop has been unique for all of my clients’ sessions. Even if families come every year for sunset photos their photos always look different.

A tradition of Ottawa sunset family photos

Several of my Ottawa clients love to come for annual Sunsets and Silhouettes family photos. It’s become a tradition for them and a beautiful way to mark the passage of time as their children grow. I always make sure to repeat certain poses to create a kind of “before and after” type photo for clients. And as their children grow and change we mix up their action poses to create new looks for their silhouette photos.

With facial expressions not appearing in these special photos, we use poses and movement instead to make art and memories. It’s always a creative experience and we have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for Ottawa sunset family photos. Summer has just ended and I’m already looking forward to next year’s Summer sunsets and more of these incredible sessions.