A two month milestone session could not be any sweeter! Baby A comes into the studio each month for a Monthly Milestone Session. These sessions are ideal for coming into the studio often during baby’s first year when they’re growing so quickly. The sessions are fast, fun, and an easy way to ensure you have beautiful photos from throughout baby’s first year or years.

After many requests for themed sets for older kids too I now offer these fun themed sessions for toddlers and children up to six years of age. The sessions are popular for milestones (e.g. two months), birthdays, and special occasions (e.g. Halloween). And sometimes there is no special occasion at all. There is no wrong time for fun, updated photos of your baby or child! A sweet two month milestone session with a lemon theme to celebrate the Summer was an incredible way to spend a morning.

Her two month milestone session

I photographed Baby A’s parents at their maternity session before she was born. They were so excited for her arrival and I’m thrilled to be there to capture all of her growth and changes each month. She has already changed a lot since her newborn session. I’m excited to see her grow and watch her personality develop. At her newborn session she was an extremely alert and aware newborn. At her two month milestone session that alertness continued and seems to have turned into curiousity. As I photographed her, she kept her eyes very closely on me and on my camera watching everything I did.

I’m really interested to see what this alertness and curiousity turns into as she grows up. Babies arrive in this world already with so many unique characteristics. One of the best things about being a baby and child photographer is watching how a little one’s personality emerges as they develop. At her two month milestone session Baby A was much like I had expected after meeting her two times already. She was awake, alert, and in tune with everything going on around her. I can’t wait to see what her personality looks like as she starts to sit up, crawl, talk, and walk!