This adorable little one came in for her newborn photos in props when she was only a week and a half old. Her brother had had a similar session when he was seven weeks old. It was really neat to see how different (but still so similar!) both kiddos looked as newborns. Check out his newborn session photos here!

For my clients who would like photos of just their baby in those first early weeks, I offer two different Moment Newborn Sessions. Clients can choose either photos of their baby on my posing cushion, or posed in props. For little Miss M’s newborn photos, her parents had chosen to have an ‘in props’ session. Posed photos of a baby in props are always so sweet and perfect for showing how tiny and curled up baby is. The tiny and curled up stage is so fleeting. I love helping parents freeze that moment in time by capturing beautiful photos of their baby.

When putting together a plan for her newborn photos, I looked over her parents’ choices for prop types and accessories. Before sessions we send clients a detailed questionnaire. We ask about their preferences for style, backdrops, accessories and prop types. This helps me style just the right look for each family. In addition to drawing from their questionnaire choices, I also took a peek back at big brother’s photos for inspiration.

Her newborn photos in props

In addition to some new and different props for their daughter’s newborn photos, I made sure to incorporate a couple that big brother had been photographed in. So many of my clients have said they love having a connection between each of their baby’s newborn photos. A couple of similar photos for all of your babies is a really special and neat thing to have.

Miss M was an adorable little peanut at only 10 days old. She had beautiful and delicate little features and also gorgeous, thick hair. Her beautiful hair was perfect for tiny little headbands matched to her parents’ favourite fabric colours. The mix of neutrals, rich tones and a soft purple set against the different wood props all created a pretty backdrop for her newborn photos. She is absolutely perfect and I’m thrilled for her parents and brother to have welcome her to their lovely family.

Are you expecting a baby this Winter? Now offering for December-February newborns, a complimentary September Sitter Session when you pre-book during pregnancy. For all of the details, contact me here!