How cute was this sibling duo at their studio sunflower photo session?!? Themed studio sessions for babies and children are always so much fun!

Every month I offer a new themed set (or sets) perfect for updated photos of babies and children up to the age of six. They’re a wonderful way to mark the passing seasons and holidays and celebrate other fun childhood adventures. For parents who would prefer timeless images, I also offer a neutral backdrop at the same time as themed sessions. Sometimes parents would like a bit of both types of backdrops and that works well too!

For these adorable siblings, mom selected my ‘Sunflower Summer’ set with a bee and sunflower theme for their studio sunflower photo session. I absolutely love this set! It turned out to be a popular choice this Summer. I’m happy that so many parents and children agreed with me about how cute it was.

My last several sessions with these kiddos were outdoors so it was nice to see them at my new studio. The studio is full of interesting props and equipment. The children took a peek around before their studio sunflower photo session and then settled in for their photos.

Their sunflower studio photo session

Mom had found the perfect outfits to go along with the cheery set. I was excited to see the kiddos with their white and yellow outfits in front of the set. Big sister was more than ready for photos and hopped onto the set. Little brother was a little bit more hesitant at first but photos with the yellow bee car sold it for him!

The children had fun playing and posing as I captured updated photos of them both together and on their own. They were a joy to have in the studio for their sunflower photo session and their photos turned out adorably.