His newborn photos with his big sister brought me right back to her own session four years ago. Where does the time go? I love it when former newborn clients come back to the studio with a new sibling. They’re always so excited and proud to show off their new baby. And it’s neat to see how similar (or different!) siblings can be at birth. Check out Miss G’s photos from her own newborn session here.

In planning Baby C’s session for newborn photos with his big sister, we drew inspiration from Miss G’s own session. Their parents wanted something a bit similar in the types of photos and look but also some unique elements for their new addition.

As a family of four now with baby brother joining big sister for newborn photos, we focused on a variety of different family and sibling images. Everyone is so excited to have Baby C join the family. Capturing that excitement and love in photos is a beautiful memento to have. We included candid and posed family photos, cuddly sibling photos and gorgeous photos of the family in front of the dream light. Right before dad and big sister were finished we took a special photo with all of their hands on newborn Baby C. It was a unique and meaningful spin on the original photo of Miss G in her father’s hands against a black backdrop. The photo turned out beautifully!

After his newborn photos with big sister

After all their family photos and newborn photos with big sister were finished it was time for Baby C’s newborn portraits. For his photos, his parents chose to have photos of him taken on the posing cushion and in props. I settled him onto the posing cushion and photographed him all cozy and snuggled up in the layers of fabric. He must have decided that was enough naptime because soon after moving him to the posing cushion he woke up and was very alert. As I chatted with him he followed my voice and gave my camera the most adorable expressions to photograph. The photos of him with his tongue out are too cute. Baby C was already such a fun personality at his newborn session. I can’t wait to see him again at his family’s next session!

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