A special memento was brought by this lovely family of three for their daughter’s newborn photos in the form of beautiful beaded moccasins. I encourage all of my newborn clients to bring along any special items that they would like to incorporate into their baby’s photos. Made for her by her aunt before she was born her moccasins were a very special addition to Baby R’s session. They may have been a little big on her yet but she looked absolutely adorable in them.

Her parents pre-booked an Extraordinary Newborn Session so that I could help capture this very special time in their lives. This 90 minute session is perfect for families who would like a variety of different types of photos of their baby. Family photos, photos on the posing cushion, photos in props, with special mementos and more can all be a part of my Extraordinary Newborn Session. I love that this session allows for enough time for photos with parents but also lots of photos of baby on their own. Babies grow and change so quickly in their first few weeks. It’s wonderful being able to almost freeze in time these early days after birth. I know parents will treasure these photos forever!

Before photos with her special memento, I photographed sweet Baby R with her mom and dad. I included posed photos but also lots of candid shots. Candid family and parent photos with a newborn are incredibly special. The way Baby R’s mom and dad looked at their precious baby girl as they cuddled her was heart melting. There is no love quite like the love you have for your new baby.

Photos with her special memento

Once I had finished their family photos mom and dad were free to sit and relax as I photographed Baby R on her own. I started with her posing cushion photos as it was the perfect place to incorporate her special memento. As I settled and soothed her onto my posing cushion and then slipped on her moccasins she barely stirred.

After a beautiful and successful incorporation of her moccasins I moved her into different positions on the posing cushion and in props to capture all of her adorable little features. She was a joy to pose and photograph and I’m thrilled with her beautiful photos.

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