Their first family photo together was absolutely magical. Their little girl smiled in her sleep just as I clicked the shutter on their first photo as a family of three. Babies only start smiling when awake at around 2 months of age so capturing sleepy smiles at newborn sessions is particularly special (and lucky!). We definitely can’t count on a baby smiling in their sleep during a newborn session. But when it happens it’s a beautiful surprise!

I first met Baby R’s parents at her mother’s maternity session in the Spring. After having such an incredible time at her first session I couldn’t wait to see them again once their little girl had arrived. Check out mom’s stunning maternity session here.

After starting off Baby R’s session on such a high note with their gorgeous first family photos I was excited for what was to come. Their little girl awoke after their family photo so it was the perfect opportunity for capturing candid moments of her with mom and dad. Baby R was 3 and half weeks old at her newborn session and already had great eye contact. As her parents chatted and looked at her she looked right back at them. She seemed to be listening to everything going on around her very intently.

After their first family photo

After family and parent photos it was time for mom and dad to relax. For the second part of their first family photo session I set up props in the studio. Photos of newborns can be taken either on the posing cushion or in props. For their daughter’s photos mom and dad had chosen the ‘in props option’. From my many assorted types of props the natural and dark wood props were their favourite types. The natural wood props were a beautiful backdrop for Baby R’s portraits. They also worked gorgeously with the rich fabric colours she was swaddled in. The purples, greens, and reds all looked wonderful on Baby R and set off her dark hair perfectly.

Congratulations to these very lovely parents on the arrival of their little girl, it was a joy to help them capture their first family photo!

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