This Ottawa garden is one of my favourite locations for family photos. By the mid Summer it is full of vibrant and gorgeous flowers. Families enjoy the bright colours in the backdrop of their photos. They also love exploring the gardens after their sessions and it’s easy to understand why. What a delightful place to spend an afternoon!

At family photo sessions at the Ottawa gardens I was thrilled to have many families be joining me for photos. From parents with a new baby in their family to parents with several teens: the families were all so much fun to photograph!

Their family photos at the Ottawa Garden

For Miss E’s first family photo session the Ottawa gardens in the Summer was ideal. Little ones don’t enjoy feeling chilly so an outdoor session in the Summer was perfect timing for their first family photos together. Warmth and sun and playtime with mom and dad meant Miss E was in a wonderful mood for their session. She loved being held and tickled by her parents as we captured photos of them enjoying time together. Before she tired of our photo games we made sure to include portraits of just Miss E on her own. She was only 10 months old but already eager to be on the move and proudly showed off her standing skills to my camera.

At nine years old and a previous client, Mr. F was a pro for his family photos at the Ottawa garden. We started with their family photos and caught up with each other in between poses amongst the flowers. You’re never too old for cuddles with mom and dad, Mr. F was a star at their session and had so much fun. I just love all of the genuine smiles and laughter they shared as they posed for their family photos together.

For the last clients of the evening I was excited to see this fun trio and their mother again. I’m lucky enough to photograph them every year. The kids thought photos with the flowers this time was a wonderful idea. They loved smelling all of the different flowers and enjoyed checking out the mysterious path through the gardens. It was a joy to see them in the Ottawa garden for their family photos and I can’t wait to see them again next year!