When a family asks if their newborn photo session can include fresh flowers my answer is of course, “Absolutely!”. I love all things floral and I also love adding in special items for families at their newborn session. Everyone has their own unique style and preferences. Special items and props are the perfect way to add a personalized touch to a baby’s newborn session.

Baby S was brought into the studio by her parents and her two wonderful big sisters for her newborn photo session with flowers. Her sisters are so proud of their baby sister and are going to be an amazing help with her. Before capturing on camera the three girls together I started with their family photos. Cuddles and photos with just mom and dad were also a must do. Every third baby needs photos with just mom and dad every now and then.

After doing such a great job posing for photos as a family of five I knew Baby S’s sisters would be more than happy to pose for photos with just baby. Her two big sisters held nice and still on my big fluffy rug while I posed Baby S in between them. They were so gentle and sweet with her and their photos together turned out beautifully.

Her newborn photo session with flowers

Once everyone had cuddled up next to Baby S for photos it was time to say goodbye to the girls. For Baby S’s newborn photo session with flowers her parents had chosen photos of her in props and on the posing cushion. When I had heard mom wanted to incorporate flowers into their session I knew just what accessories to include. The pinks, creams, and whites that ran throughout Baby S’s session was ideal for incorporating a pink floral wrap, delicate lace, and pink and white floral headbands. The tiny flowers added a pretty feminine touch while not taking attention away from all of Baby S’ adorable little features.

Before wrapping up her newborn photo session with flowers we placed a beautiful bouquet of fresh baby’s breath next to a sweetly sleeping Baby S. The addition of fresh and delicate flowers was a beautiful idea, I love how the photo turned out!