We took their family photos in the afternoon sun and made many beautiful memories for these lovely families to enjoy for a lifetime.

It was an afternoon with families that I have all photographed before. I had looked forward to reconnecting and helping everyone with their updated family photos. Seeing so many familiar faces and getting to chat with long-time clients was a special treat.

A Summer session for family photos in the afternoon sun is a great option for families with children of all ages. When you’re choosing which session would work best for your family it’s important to consider the temperatures. Babies and young children tend to be the happiest when feeling warm. They aren’t the best at hiding when they’re feeling uncomfortable and chilly. Spring and Summer sessions are ideal for their family photo sessions. Cute Summer photo outfits and adorable bare baby toes are an extra perk when the weather is warm!

Choosing a location with wide open spaces with lots of room to play and run is also a wonderful idea when you have children on the younger side. The children at our sessions thought the green grass that seemed to stretch on forever was a great place to spend an afternoon. As families arrived for their sessions I saw lots of excited faces at the prospect of exploring the area.

Their family photos in the afternoon sun

Everyone was in a great mood on the day of their family photo sessions in the afternoon sun. We chatted and reconnected as we played and posed for family photos. Everyone had big plans for their Summers and were excited to talk all about them.

With lots of busy kiddos in for photos on the day of the sessions we kept things moving. Walking, standing, sitting, and even a bit of tickling during family photos meant everyone was happy. Their beautiful photos show how much fun our family photos in the afternoon sun were. I can’t wait to see everyone again next time!