Newborn photos with a parent’s forge cap are a beautiful and special memento to have. I love that both he and his brother have one of these special photos. Check out his big brother’s newborn photos here!

Including a family’s item or prop in their child’s newborn session is a wonderful way to personalize their photos. I welcome all ideas for props and items no matter how big or small or unique they are. For some items I need to get especially creative or involve some editing magic but I can’t remember ever not being able to find a way to include special items. Newborn photos with a police forge cap is a popular request and not particularly challenging to incorporate. It’s one of my favourite items to include in a newborn session plan. Parents also love the end result when they see their child’s photo.

His newborn photos and a forge cap

In putting together a plan for Baby A’s newborn session, his parents and I took inspiration from his brother’s session. The light and airy white posing cushion fabric with a bit of baby blue was a beautiful backdrop for both boys’ first photos. Baby A curled up sweetly onto the fabric as I posed and settled him into different positions. Posing him in different positions and with the forge cap meant I was able to capture newborn photos of all of his adorable little features and characteristics.

When parents want just one type of image for their baby’s newborn photos I suggest the Moment Newborn Session. This 30 minute session is ideal for photos of just baby on the posing cushion (or in props). It is also perfect for including newborn photos with a forge cap or other special prop.

I love how this little one’s photos turned out and was thrilled to help capture such a special time in his family’s life.