It was a very “Where the Wild Things Are” first birthday session in the studio for this little one. What a fun first birthday theme!

First birthday sessions are the perfect time to get creative. This sweet little one year old’s mother had a wonderful idea for incorporating a favourite book into his first birthday session. She did such a great job coming up with the idea. We were excited to help make her vision for the session happen. In the lead up to the birthday boy’s session we put together a plan for his birthday backdrop and set. We had a backdrop in mind for his birthday session that ended up working perfectly with the “Where the Wild Things Are” banner and tent mom had.

His “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday session

Before taking Mr. J’s special “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday photos we started with family photos. A birthday is always a great time to take updated family photos. I have been photographing this wonderful family since before their first son was born with their maternity session. It’s been a joy to capture their family on camera through so many exciting milestones in their lives since then.

For their family photos everyone had a turn posing for pictures with the birthday boy. The boys were really excited and in a great mood for their “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday session. It can be a challenge when you’re little coming into a place you’re not very familiar with but they did a great job. I keep first birthday sessions fun and light so that shyness can melt away and personalities can shine.

Once family photos were finished mom changed Mr. J into his special themed outfit and crown for his “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday photos. It was cuteness overload in the studio for his birthday photos! He looked absolutely adorable in his outfit on his themed set.