Family mementos are more than welcome to be included in newborn photos. Important items help create special and unique images for families. I’m always thrilled to hear what parents are bringing to their sessions.

When I heard these parents were considering bringing a curling rock with them to their little girl’s session I was all for it. This was not my first newborn session that included a curling rock (nor even my second!). I’m always up for incorporating a new type of prop but this was one item I was certain would work.

Before taking Baby A’s newborn photos with the family memento we started with their family photos. For their first family photos as a family of three I posed them together on my cream backdrop. They are so much in love with their sweet little one. I made sure to include lots of candid photos of them enjoying time snuggled up with Baby A. I remember those early days after baby arrives very well even though my boys are much older now. You are so in awe of your baby when they’re born and you spend so much time just looking and cuddling with baby. Long after Baby A grows up her parents will treasure the photos of them cuddling her as they remember just how tiny and curled up she once was.

A very special family memento for her newborn photos

After their family photos were finished it was time to pose their newborn baby with their special memento. The sport of curling is very important to this lovely family so they brought with them a curling rock. It’s definitely the heaviest prop I’ve ever incorporated into a newborn session but it works quite well. Adorable Baby A nestled into the perfect position for me to create this very special image with their curling rock. I’m thrilled with how it turned out! The photo will make for a very memorable birth announcement or wonderful art for the walls of their home.

As I posed and photographed Baby A on the posing cushion she slept the morning away until the very end of her session. When she woke up near the end of her session I took the opportunity to capture her beautiful open eyes on camera. It was a joy to photograph all of her tiny little details and features for her parents. She is absolutely perfect and I’m so excited for her parents to have welcome her to their family!