Their baby boys were born about two years apart and I was lucky enough to photograph them both as newborns. They are so sweet together and have so many similarities! Check out big brother’s newborn session from two years ago here. I wonder if they will grow up looking similar or if Baby T will change as he grows older?

Big brother was excited to be in the studio the morning of this lovely family’s newborn session for their baby boy born two years apart from their first. With two year olds you never know quite how they will be feeling about photos with a new sibling. At that young age children could be feeling excited or nervous or jealous. Or they could even already be feeling really proud of their baby sibling. You really never know and feelings can change quickly. Big brother was in a great mood though and was happy to be up in dad’s arms and snuggling in close for photos with his baby brother.

I included photos of the family together that were inspired by their first photos as a family of three as well as new poses to accommodate their growing family size.

Their baby boys: born two years apart

It’s amazing watching from behind my camera as families grow larger with each new family member. I couldn’t be happier for this wonderful family. Their joy and love for each other shines through in their photos. I’m so happy to have been able to capture that joy on camera for them for both of their baby boys born two years apart.

After we had finished up all of their family and sibling photos it was time for adorable photos of Baby T on his own. Photos taken in props and on the posing cushion are ideal for capturing all of babies’ details and newness during these first weeks after birth.

It won’t be long before Baby T is catching up to his big brother. I’m thrilled to have helped freeze this special moment in time for this lovely family. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby boy!