Fun creekside family photos were even more incredible than I had imagined! The creek was a playful and fun location for capturing wonderful memories with family. Even when the Summer weather is hot and humid the forested creek is a lovely and cool place to retreat to. I haven’t been to this creek for a session in years but I am already planning more dates there. It’s ideal for families, couples, children, teens, maternity, and graduation sessions. Everyone has such a fun time playing or posing at the creek!

These sweet little girls agreed with me about how much fun the creek is for playing and they will surely be back. These fun creekside family photo sessions are also perfect for families who:

  • want candid photos of their family.
  • want a unique location to showcase their family’s love of the outdoors and their adventurous spirits.
  • want an east end of Ottawa location for their session.

More families than ever before are requesting candid photos at their sessions. Finding locations that are great for candid photos and making memories with family is something I’ve always got on my mind. Places like the creek that allow for lots of play and exploration is exactly what I’m looking for.

Their fun creekside family photo session

I’ve had lots of sessions with this pair of cuties so they knew to expect a fun time on the day of their session. I followed their lead at the start of the session to see what area would draw their interest the most. For their fun creekside family photo session the girls went straight to the big perching rock that my kiddos always seem to end up at too. It’s perfect for standing on and looking over the creek to see everything down below. Once the girls had taken a look over the area from the perching rock it was time for hopping along the rocks in the creek. The rocks dotting the creek made for a fun walk and the cutest photos of the girls exploring the creek.