The Ottawa Arboretum is perfect for family photo sessions!

What started as a place I explored with my boys when they were little has become one of my favourite session locations. Families love the wide open spaces and the beautiful mature trees. It makes a beautiful photo backdrop and then a great place for families to enjoy together after their session. I often see clients head off after their session for picnics or games of tag or soccer. Once the photos are taken a little grass stain or dirt on the pants doesn’t matter!

We started off everyone’s fun visits to the Ottawa Arboretum with family or sibling photos at their sessions. Snuggling in close for family photos is a great way to start off a session. If children are feeling at all shy a few photos with parents typically warms everyone up to the camera.

I love capturing everyone’s smiling faces looking at the camera but we also included lots of activity during the family photo sessions at the Ottawa Arboretum. Walking, running, hugging, tickling, and playing are beautiful moments to capture on camera. Keeping things moving and playful also keeps the experience fun and full of smiles.

For many of my clients a family photo session is an annual tradition. Our day in the Arboretum was spent with many of those families. Capturing just how much everyone had grown and changed since their last session was so much fun. The children were all so proud to show off just how big they are now.

Before wrapping up sessions for the day I pulled out my little blue cap and gown for a few special photos of an important milestone. While it wasn’t my first graduation session at the Arboretum it was my first kindergarten graduation session there. It was so much fun! I hope to be back there soon for more family photo sessions at the Ottawa Arboretum.