This family of five newborn photo session was a special treat because it was their third newborn session with me. I was so lucky to be there to help capture those early days after all of their babies arrived!

Sweet Baby J came into the studio for her newborn photos when she was only nine days old. As I’ve found is often the case with baby #3 Baby J was very alert. While her big brother and sister were in the studio she was not interested in sleeping and missing out. This meant their first photos as a family of five had their newborn baby fully participating with wide open eyes. Babies this young aren’t often able to focus this well but Miss J kept her eyes on everything that was going on around her during her family of five newborn photos.

After cuddling up to mom and dad it was time for the proud big brother and sister to pose with their newest family member. The looks on big brother’s and big sister’s faces as I nestled their baby sister next to them were priceless. They are already so much in love with her and are very proud to have her in their family.

Her newborn photos after their family of five photos

For Baby J’s individual newborn portraits her parents selected to have a combination of images. They chose to have photos of her in a couple of different newborn props as well as photos on the posing cushion.

With their family of five newborn photos all done and her siblings out of the studio with dad I swaddled and soothed Baby J to sleep. She seemed a bit more interested in sleeping once her siblings and future playmates weren’t there. I took her napping as an opportunity to capture adorable photos of her snuggled into my little newborn props.

For her final photos I unwrapped her and nestled her onto the posing cushion in different poses to capture all of her cuteness. The posing cushion was perfect for photographing close up details of her tiny toes, adorable lips, and fluffy newborn hair.

Congratulations to this very lovely family on their third baby! I’m thrilled to have been there to help them capture all of these very special memories.