Wonderful Wide Awake Baby Photos: newborn photos are not always taken with baby asleep. This adorable little girl was wide awake and alert throughout her whole newborn session. She did not want to miss a thing!

I met her lovely parents just weeks before at their indoor and outdoor maternity session. Check out their gorgeous maternity photos here. Their maternity session had been so much fun to plan as they had lots of wonderful ideas to incorporate. I couldn’t wait to see their newborn session come together!

We started her wonderful wide awake baby photos with their first family photos together. They wanted a mix of candid lifestyle photos with their baby on the studio bed set as well as more traditional portraits against my grey backdrop. Miss A was not interested in the least in sleeping through all of the fun. As her mom and dad talked to her she followed their voices and looked right into their eyes. It was incredible to see such a connection between them already and how alert and aware Miss A was.

Her wonderful wide awake baby photos

After cuddles and chats with mom and dad as I took their photos together it was time for baby’s individual newborn portraits. I started her newborn portraits with photos of her in props. Her parents had selected natural wooden props for her photos so I pulled a few of my favourite boxes and bowls for her. As I nestled her into the props wrapped cozily in layers of fabric I thought I’d be able to convince her to drift off. While I captured a few peaceful, sleepy looking photos of Miss A with her eyes closed she did not keep her eyes closed for long. She became wide awake as I took her photos in props allowing me to photograph her beautiful and bright eyes. Her eyes followed me as I posed and photographed her not wanting to miss a thing.

To capture all of her adorable little details I then moved to the posing cushion to photograph her on cream and white fabrics. Again her portraits were wonderful wide awake baby photos with only brief moments with her closing her eyes. She looked absolutely adorable nestled into the posing cushion both awake and asleep proving perfectly that newborn photos don’t need to taken with baby asleep.