I love this high school grad’s studio graduation photos, what a wonderful session!

I offer graduation sessions for elementary, high school, college, and university graduates and even kindergarteners. These sessions are all about celebrating accomplishments and marking an important milestone in life. No two graduation sessions are ever the same. I love that my clients all have a unique look in mind for their photos. And also such different personalities to capture on camera. Graduation photos no longer need to be stiff and formal. The possibilities for wardrobe, poses, and backdrops are practically endless. I love that anything goes now!

This high school grad had such a great suit for his studio graduation photos. The burgundy suit was a wonderful look on him. Classic black or grey suits are always great too but adding in some colour is a lot of fun. I couldn’t decide which colour combination I liked best so I matched our grad’s burgundy suit with both my blue and my grey backdrops.

This teen was a lot of fun to photograph for his high school grad studio photos. I happily pose and photograph ‘less than keen for their session’ teens but his good nature about having photos taken was delightful. He was great to chat with and did a wonderful job taking different poses.

His traditional high school studio grad photos

Once I had photographed the high school grad in his suit on two different backdrops it was time for his more traditional studio graduation photos. I have three different cap and gown sets available for my clients to use at their graduation sessions. I have sizes that will fit kindergartners all the way up to adult sizes to ensure everyone that wants beautiful cap and gown photos can have them. This high school grad already had a gown in his school colours so he opted to use it for his traditional grad portraits.

His photos turned out so well and are a wonderful memento from this important time in his life. Congratulations on your high school graduation!