A beautiful blue maternity session in studio was a gorgeous way to celebrate their upcoming newborn baby. Maternity photographs are for parents to treasure but also to pass down to their children as they grow older. Thinking of their little one once they’ve grown up looking at how excited their parents were to meet them fills my heart with joy. In their photos you can see how much in love these new parents are with their baby already. And they haven’t even met them yet!

For their beautiful blue maternity photos, we booked them in for a Studio More Memories Maternity Session. This session is 20 minutes long and perfect for capturing a few special memories from your pregnancy. It’s the session I suggest when the parents-to-be would like photos in just one outfit. There is plenty of time for a variety of different poses in the studio during the More Memories Session. We took care of all of the planning ahead of their session so I already knew which photos were important to them at their beautiful blue maternity session. Selecting sets and backdrops was also something we decided on before they came into the studio. I love using our entire time together in studio for taking photos and making memories.

Their beautiful blue maternity session

The beautiful mom-to-be had found a gorgeous ruffled blue dress for her maternity photos. The shape of her dress was perfect for showing off her round baby bump.

I spent time at the beginning of their session capturing the couple together with their upcoming baby. We used my white room set which was perfect for creating a relaxed environment for candid photos.

Also in white, but with a much different look, was the bright white dream light I turned on for the second half of their session. Using the dream light was ideal for capturing intimate portraits of the couple at their beautiful blue maternity session and for the artistic photos they wanted of their hands on her belly.

With the lighting already set up it was the perfect opportunity to take silhouette photos of mom and the couple together. Silhouettes are one of my favourite types of images for maternity sessions. The darkened shape of mom against the bright white light is always a stunning look!