A forest trail was a gorgeous location for this couple’s maternity session and perfect for photos celebrating their upcoming baby. The forest trail is beautiful throughout all seasons. From snow covered branches in the Winter, to changing Fall colours, to lush green leaves in the Summer. This forest trail is a great find. Not only for outdoor enthusiasts who like to hike or ski but also for maternity photographers like me! Not much gets me more excited than finding a new session location that I can use all year long with my outdoor clients.

I met up with these excited expectant parents first thing on a July morning. The sun was already brightening the forest trail when we started their maternity session. Sun kissed leaves and grasses dotting the backdrop was perfect for helping to create a celebratory mood. Their session was an opportunity for them to capture this exciting time in their lives as they welcome their first baby. It was also an amazing way to celebrate their upcoming arrival. Maternity sessions are always so much fun and are a great way to put a spotlight on one of life’s most extraordinary events.

Their forest trail maternity session

The gorgeous mom to be had a beautiful Summer dress that was perfect for including in her session. The couple arrived at the trail dressed and ready to go for their session so we headed down the trail.

I think for most maternity clients there is a bit of nervousness as sessions are typically a brand new experience. I like to start maternity sessions with photos that include both partners, just in case people are feeling a bit shy. Capturing candid moments together is a wonderful way to warm up at a session.

This lovely couple was a joy to pose and photograph. I’m not sure if they experienced the typical first time jitters because it didn’t show at all. We had a wonderful time chatting as I photographed them along the trail capturing gorgeous shots of them enjoying time together.

As a second outfit for the mom to be at her forest trail maternity session I had brought along a pretty pink gown. The summery pink sheer gown looked beautiful on her and was wonderful for capturing photos of her growing baby bump.