The willow trees made a wonderful place for family photos. My clients (and myself!) loved this new location so much that I will be sure to be back soon.

The mysterious pond, bright green grass, and elegant branches of the willow trees made a beautiful backdrop for family photos. The willow trees near the pond are very graceful and give the area an enchanting storybook feeling.

With so many imaginative children at my sessions with the willow trees I got to hear lots of creative stories. It’s always fun to pretend with children about what might be living in and around a session location. With swoopy trees and a lily pad filled pond there were no shortage of ideas for what might be living nearby. There were lots of guesses for frogs but that was probably because the frogs weren’t shy about singing us their frog songs. My favourite idea from sessions that day came from a little girl who just knew that there must be a fairy living nearby. With such an enchanting feeling coming from the pond and willow trees I had to agree with her!

Sessions with the willow trees that morning included families with children of all ages. From babies, to toddlers, to big kids almost as tall as their parents. Some families were new clients and a joy to meet. Other families were long time returning clients and were a pleasure to catch up with. One family even brought their four legged furry family member with them to include in their photos.

Having fun with the willow trees at their family photo sessions

I always want family photo sessions to be a fun experience for everyone. When you hear the children ask at the end of a session when they can come back for more photos both myself and the parents know sessions were a success. Our family photo sessions with the willow trees that day were a hit with all of the kiddos. The beautiful memories we captured while they had fun with their families are something they will all treasure. I know they will also enjoy sharing the photos with their family and friends and that makes me so happy.